Friday, October 27, 2006

More Press

The Hood River News sent each candidate a set of questions to respond to in 200 words or less. We had the weekend to work on our assignment. You can read all of our responses here. It's not quite a debate, but I think this is a pretty good format for people to get to know the candidates a little better. The responses aren't as spontaneous as a debate or a real interview, but frankly none of us is a professional politician. While a debate might be more dramatic, this is probably as realistic a view as you'll get without speaking to us directly (or reading my website!) It's obvious that each of us spent some time thinking through our responses-- and it's also obvious that none of us had a professional team packaging our message for the public. This format tends to fall flat for the higher offices, where it seems the candidates just turn the questions over to their media consultants.

KIHR radio also did a nice series a few weeks ago. Mark Bailey interviewed three of us on different mornings for about 25 minutes during "drive time." This show is a great public service. I'll confess it was my first time on radio and I found it pretty intimidating. Speaking to an audience you can't see isn't easy. While Mark is sitting next to you, you both have headphones on and he is frequently looking at his engineer for cues. I think it will be much easier next time.


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